Yamaguchi Was A Terrier To His Final Day.

1-Jan-90 to 26-Feb-00

pet photo

Hello - My most loyal pet was Yamaguchi. I was told he was a Japanese Ostrich Killer, but came to find out, there is no such dog! He was a Toy Fox terrier and true to the terrier breed! He was feisty yet loving. He never knew he was just five pounds, I think he would have tackled that Ostrich! If I let his leash go, though, he would quit barking and not chase any animal.

Yamaguchi would sleep under the covers with me, and I taught him 47 tricks -- from dancing over a hoop, to walking backwards through the doggie door.

He loved us all. Yamaguchi was killed in a fire. He went into the neighbor's shed to try and save a litter of kittens. He died of smoke inhalation. A trooper to the very end. We found out from some Californians who saw his photo, he was a Toy Fox terrier. I miss him so. Good-bye Yamaguchi, my friend.

Port Moody