You were everyone's best friend and we all love and miss you

Dec. 6, 1991 to 28-Mar-98

pet photo

Willie was an incredible and beautiful Bernese Mt. Dog. On his 6th birthday we found out he had terminal cancer and there was nothing we could do. Willie had one of the best lives a dog could have. His personality was so lovable and layed back that he won the hearts of everyone he met. He was also so good around other animals that were and weren't in the family. He could cheer you up in a second just by nudging you with his nose. He loved to get attention. Just about anywhere, he would drop to the ground and roll onto his back for you to scratch his tummy. He even had his own personal bed that once in a while he had to share with dad if mom couldn't sleep from his snoring. Yes, Willie had a fun life. He was always there for us and now we want to show our thanks to him.