A Much Loved Cat

26th March 1996 to 3rd June 1997

pet photo

Timmy came from a litter of four kittens. At six weeks of age, along with his brother and one of his sisters, he became very ill. He was a real fighter and was the only one who survived. I nursed him through his illness and spent many hours comforting
him and we became really close. He grew stronger and stronger and turned into a beautiful cat with a very special character. He was my little alarm clock and would wake me up every morning at the same time. One of the many things I loved about him was the way he would gently push his face into mine, as though he was giving me kisses...how sweet cats can be.

One day Timmy went outside on one of his little adventures and never returned. I don't know what happened to him but I later learnt that someone in my neighbourhood did not like cats and killed them. I still miss him terribly and went through an awful time
thinking about the bad things that may have happened to him. These days, none of my three cats are allowed outside unless with supervision...I suppose I learnt the hard way.