A Bundle of Joy

May-97 to 18th July 1999

pet photo

Thomas was given to me as a tiny kitten on 10th July 1997 when I had an operation. I had also lost my favourite cat, Timmy, a couple of months previously.

Thomas was gorgeous with white fur and lovely blue eyes and lots of energy. Although he was very independent he would still love to cuddle up on my lap and spend time playing with me. And he was a good and obedient cat - always staying in the garden and never jumping over the fence. Thomas always reminded me of a child and even as he got older, I felt he remained just like a kitten. He was always playing about and he made friends quickly with new additions into our family.

Unfortunately his energetic character made him like to play a bit rough sometimes and a week ago he fell out of the balcony and injured his spine. He started to get better straight away but after two days took a turn for the worst and never recovered. I can't believe he's gone and he will be greatly missed.

July 18th, 1999.