I miss you so much !!!

Jul-88 to October 9. 1999

pet photo

It all started when the cutest little Huskey-Sheppard puppy you have ever seen picked up my car-keys. She turned her head to look at me and appeared to say: "Well come on, pick me, I am the cutest one here". I had to laugh and she won my heart right away/ This was eleven years ago. That cute little puppy grew up to be a large, beautiful, gentle, and loving companion.
It all came to an end this Saturday.
I had stayed up until 5 in the morning to make the most difficult decision. Tanja had been feeling bad for quite a while, however there were always times she seemed to feel better and happy. This friday night I had watched her falling down repeatedly while trying to urinate and saw her suffer in total frustration and disbelief that her body would so betray her.
I took Tanja to the vet to have her put asleep. The vet shaved her leg and inserted the needle. I told Tanja how much I loved her and that she was such a good girl. Two or three seconds later she went limp in my arms and I cried in her soft beautiful fur. She looked so peaceful and I stayed with her until I thought she was no longer in that body left on the table.
I know I did the right thing, but I miss talking to her, being with her, touching her, and looking in those beautiful amber-colored eyes of her's.
I love you Tanja!