Spanker, the sweetest little loving kittie on earth

Sometime in 1979 to 22-Jan-98

pet photo

We lost our little cat, Frank, on Jan. 22, 1998. She came into our lives about 17 years ago. What to say about Frank? She was the most sensuous and loving animal I've ever known. It was almost impossible to pet her sometimes because she participated so exuberantly. She would roll and twist and paw away, ever so pleased with the attention and appreciative of the good feelings being generated.

Frank was a quiet and unassuming little kittie. We called her our "sylvester cat," because of her appearance. She was fluffy, so fluffy, that her small kitty body seemed bigger than she really was.

We inherited Spanker from a commerical business in the early 80's. She was jeopardized there, so I took her home to my place in the country. She became my second oldest companion, after our Lucky kitty. Frank moved from the mountain cabin with me to our present home in Napa.

We call her "Spanker" as an adjunct to Frank. Funny thing is that she is a she. We weren't the first ones to name her.

Frank was never alone. She had over a dozen bedmates to sleep with. When she wasn't in my arms at night, she was with her kittie companions, Honey Bear, Funny Face, Raider, the "Sneakettes," and her longest old friend, Grey.

As with the loss of any loved one, I muse over our lives together and hope that her life on this earth was as good as it could possibly be. She deserved no less. Truly, Spanker was a sweet little cat. She was gentle and loving with us, her human family, as well as with her kittie companions. She was truly unique in this quality; her precious "catanality."

We lost Frank after a brief but swift illness. We said our goodbyes and burried her in "Lucky's Garden" next to Raider, Funny Face, Lucky and the unknown kitty. We miss her terribly, but trust that we will all meet again in the next life...and I do believe this to be true.

Spanker, we love you.