The Cat Who Loved To Go Camping

14-Apr to 25-May

pet photo

I named him Simon because he reminded me, even as a six week old kitten, of the boy in "Lord of the Flies".
He was pure black, small, lithe, with short silky hair. While extremely intelligent, independent, and affectionate, his most obvious trait was his lack of a tail. He was a Manx, which he inherited from his mother's side. Manx cats are kind of funny looking, especially when they run, because their hind legs are long, and they hop like a bunny.
I adopted him when he was six weeks old and took him straight out camping. Most people only take dogs out camping, but cats take to it very well. He was shy at first and wouldn't even let me come near him, but, as he grew accustomed to me he lost his shyness and became very outgoing. As a young adult, he was totally fearless and would approach much larger animals and all humans. As a result of his early experience camping, I could take him anywhere with me. He would hop in the car and we'd go visiting friends or whatever. When I was ready to go home, he would hop back in the car.
I loved him so much because of his affectionate nature. I think he left his mother when he was too young. Anyway, he would fall asleep with me with his little head laying on the crook of my arm. It's a wonder I never squashed him. He loved to nuzzle my neck where my hair would hang down and it was nice and warm. I think he was trying to suckle. This behavior wasn't always totally welcome, but it was very charming.
The day he was run over by a car is easily the most traumatic of my life. I didn't know how I could go on without him. Getting a little tipsy with my friends, who all knew him, helped a lot.
Simon lived a very intense, short life. He probably experienced more in his one year of life than most cats experience in a normal cat lifetime. What with the camping, hunting, visiting, and loving he was very busy. He was certainly the most remarkable cat I have ever had the pleasure and honor of knowing.