Dear Roxy : Rest in peace.

Feb-98 to 9-May-98

pet photo

Dear Roxy :

Although the time we spent together is not long. But the joy and laughter you bring to our family will always stay in our hearts. Your leaving left all of us in grieve and we hope that you will be bouncing, trotting and chewing happily in heaven as you have always like to do so. You were so good and never cried even in pain, even when you were suffering so much. We hope that you will be free of pain and always happy.

Your beautiful eyes, your handsome fur, your cute ears, your cheeky looks, your favourite food, your naughty tricks, your choosy appetite, your favourite place in the toilet, and your favourite walks to the padang will always be in our hearts. And we will never forget you.

Rest in peace, Roxy. May you always be happy.

Love from all of us

Hon Kee, Swee Kheng, Wei Ping and Chun Leong