Our first love and the Queen of our hearts

1985 to 9 March 1998, 1425h

pet photo


You arrived as a little girl,

A tiny ball of yelping fury.
But I was afraid to touch you
Thinking my palms, even so gentle,
Would break you.

But in wonder,
You grew and was never sent away.
My first pedigree
A first love that lasted
twelve years.

Then I went away,
Left you in the care of another
Equally and more loving,
And you became a memory.

But in prayer now,
I utter quivering regrets.
It was the only way to love you
When my bruises would heal
And you would know our silent communion.
In your canine slumber,
Let there be peace
Between us.

As the years turn grey,
I will lose a few more,
But you will remain Queen of my heart
The little girl of fury
My yelping wonder.

That - dear Puffy -
is our little secret
My last promise
Delivered after.

9 March 1998 2344h