Rotti, an Angel in Heaven

1986? to Friday, 7 August 1998

pet photo

Pierrot has brought much joy, love and affection to our lives. He had been with us for 10 beautiful years, and moved with us halfway through the world. Our grief is very intense but our consolation is his painless departure. He passed away in a deep sleep. Pierrot taught his sister Sylvie to groom herself. He loved lying in the sun, being picked up, cajoled and caressed. He loved sleeping on our bed with his face on the pillow facing us. His yellow eyes spoke of love and tenderness. His fur was a thick golden colour, the colour of the sun. His voice was so sweet to the ears that one could not deny him his wishes. We loved spoiling him and he indeed loved that too!!
His memory will live in our hearts and souls forever. He's our gardian Angel. May the Good Lord protect him always.
We love you, Pierrot.......