My Faithful, Protective Friend

January, 1978 to Feburary 18, 1997

pet photo

I first met Penny in a Humane Society shelter. She was huddled and shivering from fright, because she was so much smaller than the other dogs in the cage with her. She was so thin with ears much too large for her little body. One floppy ear indicated that she was an All American mutt. With a black pug mussle, her bottom teeth had a pronounced underbite and she was the ugliest little puppy I had ever seen. I lost my heart, and she came into my life, right then and there. Penny was at my side through family happiness and sorrows for 18 years. She soon lost her fright and became my ardent, feisty, little protector. Then it was time for her to pass through God's doggy-dog. Almost four years later, I still miss my Penny.