My Little Girl

5/11/75 to 8/17/85

pet photo

My husband and I just were married only a few months.Growing up I never had a cat.Only dogs,bunnies.His parents had a siamese cat her name was Boo.Well Boo and I were so taken with one another I just had to get a siamese cat of my very own.So we did.So Misty was our first cat.And she was so much fun.She was hilarious.However I think Misty mother didn't nurse her long enough.When she would get up and lay on me she would go straight for my neck to try and nurse.She did this up until the day we lost her,she did this for 10yrs.Sadly we only had her for a little over 10 yrs.We took her to the vets.And 1 hr later got a call she was dead.She had been constipated.We never thought she would die.What a total SHOCK to us.The vet said he thought she may of had a aneurasym.I didn't have an autopsy done.Because I was just soshocked.We had a wedding to go to that day.I'll never forget her!She is still sadly missed to this very day.Hope to see her over the rainbow bridge.