My Soulmate

not known to July 18 1999

pet photo

Kayla was my beautiful,
blue-eyed, independent
siberian husky.We rescued
her from the animal
shelter. She was supposed
to be my son's dog,but we
formed such a deep love and
friendship for each
other(this wonderful dog
and I), that from the
beginning she was only my
dog. Kayla was my rock, she
kept me sane,when I found
out my Mom had cancer and
passed away.
For three
years Kayla lived with a
form of diabetes eventually
going blind. But that
didn't stop us though. We
took a month long trip to
Florida with her by my side
the whole way. What a nice
time we had. After that the
diabetes started to take
it's toll on her. I tried
everything I could to save
her, spending thousands,
nothing worked. I knew she
was suffering and it was so
selfish of me to make her
live like that. So I held
her in my arms as my vet
ended her suffering.I'm so
sorry Kayla! I Love & Miss
you so very much.
Free Kayla, your pain is
all gone...
I'll never
ever forget you. Til we
meet again sweetie~~~Love
your mommy.

Little Chute