Imotep Fatboy Pruitt

Beloved Friend and Companion

9/18/99 to 1/4/01

pet photo

Imotep always did know how to make an entrance. Born on September 18, 1999, the day Hurricane Floyd roared up the coast, he always had to be the "big cat on campus". Possessive, territorial and very affectionate, he truly was a member of our family. Not one to socialize with other cats (except Hamunaptra, our other tabby), he made up for his aloofness with the children. My son Dakota could do just about anything to him (including stuffing him in a sleeping bag and hauling the poor cat down the stairs), and he took it all in stride. Not one to settle for small presents, he would bring the biggest mice home and drop them by the back deck door while we were eating. There are many memories and we greatly miss you. Love, Your Family (The Pruitt's)