You are brave

26-Jun-99 to 8-Apr-01

pet photo

Haze had been very brave when she went through the ordeal.It was a painful ordeal, and we all know that she tried her best hanging to have the last look of us. I witness Haze's birth and adopted her since then. The moz outstanding part of her is her pair of bright, luminous eyes which caught every one's attention. She is always there for my family and me. Although, she was naughty at times, but she seemed to know her limits.During her 11/2 years, we had shared our troubles & happiness.We shared meals and bed. We were deeply saddened by her sudden death.Now, we can no longer hear her 'meows' and see her shadow.We miss her. She will never be forgotten.We all hope that she will reborn to become a human or our pet again.