Squeakers My Baby

October 15 1999 to April 22 2015

pet photo

She came to us as a tiny baby. needing to be hand fed every night after I got home from work. She would squeak so loud to be fed that is where she got her name. She loved to play with all different kinds of toys and such. She grew up loving cantolope a small piece when we had it. she would only eat dried cat food no table scraps. As she got older she was declawed and was strictly a house cat. No body told her that she couldn't climb trees but she did by hugging them and up she would go then would cry until you got her down. Then as she aged she slowed down one day I found her having a hard time breathing I took her to the Vet and found she had a Tumor in her windpipe and she couldn't be helped so I made the difficult choice to put her down I was with her as she left this world I will miss her dearly.