In Memory of little Rex born May 7 2007 Died Dec.26, 2016 You will be deeply missed and you were loved by all that knew you. Paw Prints Forever MyLittle Dog

May 7,2007 to Dec.26,2016

pet photo

He was my eyes above the clouds. He was my ears above the winds. He was a part of me. He told me a thousand times, by the way he would shake his whole little body with joy, at just the slightest sight of me. Or by the way he would look at me with those big brown eyes, as if to say I love you. He knew my every emotion. When I was sad, he was right there by my side. When I was happy he was a joy unbounded. His loyalty alone taught me the meaning of devotion. With him I knew a secret comfort and a private peace. He taught me the meaning of true friendship and unconditional love. His presence by my side kept me strong and safe. When I would look into his big brown eyes, he would heal my human hurts. I know he will be waiting, whenever, whatever that time may be. Just in case I need him, and I expect I will as I always have.