Princess Babygirl got her wings

2008 to May 30 2016

pet photo

Babygirl was the sweetest soul and life without her is never going to be the same. She brought my family an immeasurable amount of joy and a lifetime of wonderful memories. She wasn't with us nearly long enough but her body gave out on her. She had abdominal tumors that spread to her hip causing her to hop on three legs. I know the right thing was to end her suffering however my heart feels differently and would give anything to hug her and kiss her one last time. She truly was a wonderful companion. Babygirl we love you more than words can express and you will be and are missed horribly. I hope you're up there chasing squirrels and doing all the things you loved to do so much. We will forever hold you in our hearts and memories. We love you princess Babygirl always and forever.