How could this happen?

-- to Feb 11, 2014

pet photo

We never sought out BlackJack. In fact, we tried to discourage him from sticking around. But he was strong, and he was determined: Even when we tried to find him "a placement" he showed us he wanted to adopt US... Running away and the doing his own Incredible Journey from the bus station, back to OUR PATIO. We had to keep him!

And what a bubba, an all-around good cat, he proved to be during the 11 or so years he was with us. Two characteristics shine: his constantly evolving choice of strange sleeping spots and his unique style of kneading! Jack's favorite sleeping spots were high ones - and he claimed the refrigerator top in both SMA and the condo. He was also fond of accompanying me to the bathroom nightly, and would - of course- jump up on the vanity or even the tallest basket in the room. Near the end he favored sleeping up on the entertainment center... Directly in front of the TV! And we let him.

San Miguel de Allende