In loving memory of Hammy

Aug-00 to 8-Oct-00

pet photo

She has integrated into our family so well and never failing to put a smile on our faces. I still remember how she used to run on her wheel and make so much noice in the middle of the night until she disturbed our sleep. Sadly, we cannot even hear it now even if we want to. That familar sound of the turning wheel is lost forever. She has been the more playful and energitic one of the two. Even my girldfriend finds it relaxing to just sit and stare at it while taking a break from studying. She died a tragic death on a fateful sunday morning. Her absence is deeply felt by all who has played with her, fed her and seen her. She is now resting at her burial ground beside a lamp post outside our house where we can see her. May God bless her little soul ....

Blk 124