Casey Kitten

I Hope You Are Safe, Casey Kitten!

February, 2000 to --

pet photo

Casey was a big black and white American Shorthair cat. He had the most calm disposition of any cat that I've ever met. I called him Casey Kitten because he was the youngest of my four cats. I got him when he was eight weeks old.

It took me almost two weeks to think of the right name for Casey. I called him Casey because of his coloring. The markings on his fur were just like a black and white cow. I started calling him "Kitten Cow" because of these markings. It was a weird name for a kitten, so I shortened his name to just the initials "KC." Then It sounded like "Casey" so that became his name.

Casey stayed a baby. My older three cats protected him and loved him. He accidentally got out of my house one time and got confused about where he was. He had somehow gotten over to my neighbor's yard. Casey got really scared because he couldn't find his way home. He panicked and ran back and forth along the chain link fence that divided our properties. He cut and gouged his pretty face really badly. He let me catch him and take him to the vet. Luckily his face healed completely and all of the fur grew back. He never tried to go outside after that, though.

Casey followed me around the house whenever I was home. He was always in the same room that I was in. He loved to go into the laundry room with me. He jumped into the big metal sink in the laundry room and rolled around in it while I rubbed his tummy.

I lost Casey and his brother and sisters when I had a bad car accident almost nine years ago. None of my friends or family would take care of my cats until I got well enough to take care of my cats myself again. I told the story of my car accident in my eulogy on this website to my oldest cat, Amber.

I hope you are safe, Casey Kitten. The person who put you in a new home said you were living with an elderly woman in a one bedroom apartment. I hope she never lets you out of the apartment so you never get hurt or confused or scared again. I hope she has a place for you to roll around and I hope she rubs your tummy a lot every day!

I love you, Casey Kitten! I wish you were still with me!