I Wish I Knew What Happened To You, Amber

February, 1997 to --

pet photo

I adopted Amber when she was about six months old. My cat Dobie had just died from pancreatitis when I met Amber. Dobie had been sick with diabetes for about four years before he died. He had been eating special high fiber food that his vet prescribed. I went to Dobie's vet to return an unopened bag of this food. The vet asked me if I wanted to adopt another cat. I said, "No, it's too soon." The vet said she had a kitten who had been badly abused. A man had slammed his foot down on her and broke her right leg and hips. The vet had done surgery on her and fixed her for free. The vet said that Amber was ready for a new home. rnrnI said I would meet Amber. I took one look at her and fell in love with her. She was small and grey with a small Manx tail. She had beautiful amber colored eyes. She was happy and running around the room even though her right leg was still in a cast. I decided to adopt her and told her "No one will ever hurt you again."rnrnI took Amber home with me that day. I loved her so much. She had an amazing spirit. She loved to cuddle and to play. I got her a two boy kittens and one girl kitten so she had a lot of playmates.rnrnI lost Amber and her brothers and sister almost nine years ago. It is still hard to write about them. On November 4, 2004 I had a bad car accident. It was a head on collision. I was hurt really badly.None of my friends or family would take care of my cats for me while I recovered, so I had to give them away. My four cats were separated from each other. Amber was put in a home with a big dog. She was afraid of dogs. The person who placed Amber in that home wouldn't give me the name of Amber's new owner so I could talk to him or her and tell him or her what Amber liked.rnrnI miss Amber and her brothers and sisters every day. I am still really sick from my car accident. I'm on disability and can't work very much. The driver of the car who hit me lied and said the car accident was my fault. It wasn't my fault, but the police and the car insurance companies believed the other driver. They didn't even ask me what happened until six months after my accident. I didn't get any money from the insurance companies to pay for my injuries.rnrnI love you, Amber. I hope you are having a good life without me. I'm sorry I broke my promise to you. I promised you that no one would ever hurt you again. We loved each other and you were taken away from me by a lot of people and big companies who were selfish, mean and broke the law.