Miss Molly Mitts

I Hope You Are Happy, Miss Molly Mitts

February, 1998 to --

pet photo

Miss Molly Mitts was a small cat. She was a grey tabby cat. She had six toes on both of her front paws, so I called her "Miss Molly Mitts."

Miss Molly Mitts was born with some neurological problems. A few times every day and night she would start to meow and get really upset. I would put her on her back on our bed and look into her eyes for a few minutes. She would stop meowing and calm down right away.

I had Miss Molly Mitts for five years. I had to give her away when I had a bad car accident. None of my friends or family would take care of Miss Molly Mitts or my other cats while I recovered from the accident. I told the story of my accident in my eulogy on this website to her big sister, Amber. Amber was a small grey Manx/American shorthair cat.

Miss Molly Mitts was put in a home with two big dogs. The person who put her in the home said she was all right, but wouldn't let me talk to her new owner. I don't think my little girl would be all right with two big dogs. She was too sensitive. I wanted to talk to her new owner to tell her how to help her calm down, but I was told that they put her on strong medication and that worked.

Miss Molly Mitts got sick from that medication when I tried it with her. She was a completely different cat on those drugs. It has been almost nine years since I lost her. It hurts a lot to think about her. She used to be a happy, energetic cat. I hope she got used to the medication and is having a good life.

I love you, Miss Molly Mitts! You will always be my special girl!