I Miss You, Bassie Boy!

February, 1999 to --

pet photo

Sometimes I called Sebastian "Bassie Boy." I named him Sebastian because he was black with a white chest. He was very weak and scraggly when I adopted him, but I thought he would grow into his name and become a very sophisticated, elegant looking cat one day.

Sebastian was a very sick kitten when I adopted him. He was about eight weeks old. He had bad allergies and other health problems. He had lost two homes before I adopted him because he was so sick all of the time and his previous owners didn't want to take care of him.

Sebastian's vet told me to make his food for him so we could take all of the additives out of his diet. I cooked him ground up chicken, turkey, beef and pork. He ate really well. I laid on the couch and put him on my stomach for hours whenever I could. He got better fast.

Sebastian grew into a big, gorgeous, fluffy healthy cat. He had an amazing tail. He would cuddle in my arms all night long. He was loving and really special.

I lost my Bassie Boy almost nine years ago when I had a bad car accident. None of my friends or family would take care of him or my three other cats while I recovered from my accident. I told the story of my car accident in the eulogy I posted on this website for his older sister, Amber.

No one would tell me where Bassie went. I couldn't get any information at all about his new home or his new owners.

I miss you, Bassie Boy! I love you so much! I hope you are happy and healthy. I hope you are getting food to eat that doesn't make you sick...