In Memory of my boy Amadeus

august 20, 1999 to february 18, 2013

pet photo

Amadeus was & always will be the best son in the whole wide world and universe. I am the luckiest mom around to have spent fourteen years with my boy Amadeus. He would greet me at the door every time I would come home. That happy look on his face when he heard me come in & he would wag his tail. My boy Amadeus was very precious to me. He was & always will be the light of my life. We would go for walks all the time & when he had to have his front left leg amputated we took wagon rides & that was always fun. He enjoyed car rides & enjoyed playing the "biting game" as we used to call it because he would get to playing & would playfully bite us. He loved to speak his mind too! I will miss you Amadeus always & forever. I will miss the cuddling & all the kisses you gave me - those are very precious to me. I loved your kisses Amadeus. I also got a kick out of the fact that he used to like to lay on top of the vent when the air conditioner was going at home. He is the cutest dog around. I am so proud of you Amadeus always & forever. You were & always will be so strong & such a fighter.

Momma loves you Amadeus always & forever. You & I share a special bond that we will not share with anyone else. You will never ever be forgotten. Mommy will see you up in Heaven eventually. God Bless You Amadeus Always!!

Iowa City