Samantha Jane

The best friend anyone's ever had.

June 3, 1998 to September 6, 2012

pet photo

Our sweet baby, Samantha Jane, left our lives just yesterday. She had just turned 14 in June and this was expected. It doesn't make the hurt less, but it gives us comfort in knowing she didn't die unexpectedly and she's no longer in pain. She was the love of our lives.

The greatest dog and granddog of all time, Sammy was completely devoted to her family and so very trusting and loving of us, no matter how frustrating I'm sure we were to her. She was so smart and emotional, she could tell whenever we were upset about something and immediately offered her compfort. Not for too long, though, she was still a Miller.

Sammy loved to follow her grandpa around the yard while he planted trees and dug in his garden. In her better days she would swim and chase toys it seemed like forever. She wore us out.

Like the true champion and gold hearted baby she was, she never had a complaint and she never asked for sympathy. If anything her growing weakness embarrassed her. She was so regal and dignified it was so hard to see her lose her strength, but she perserviered up until her very last breath.

Samantha Jane, you are loved, adored and cherished by everyone who ever knew you. You've burned a place in our hearts that can never be refilled.