i'll miss you my chan chan...

-- to august 16, 2012

pet photo

you will be missed very much... you were loved so much, my silly little boy! i'll always remember your silliness, your cuddling, hair licks, love for chicken, even when you circled the crock pot for it : ) your asparugus tip paws and your softness.... your splat picture of you when i first got you. and how you would lay on my hand when i was on the lap top. potty break cuddles and of course you and tobie spooning. you will get to see him again now, and he will love to be with his bo bo again. i'm sorry my little angel boy that you got sick and had to leave me at only 12 years old. i know you were tired and it was time to let you go. remember you were loved so much. i'll miss you very, very much. you'll always be in my heart