JULY 6, 2001 to JULY 12, 2012

pet photo

We fell in love with Lexie the first time we saw her. So gentle and so sweet. She was trained very quickly and started sleeping with us at 1 year old. She loved playing with her Sheltie cousins, Troy and Tori. Lexie and our friends dog, Buddy, also a Sheltie, loved playing together. They were very excited to see each other. Our fur baby was great with children, adults, and other animals. She was exceptional during her vet visits. Lexie was a very finicky eater and it took sometime finding just the right food. She loved pizza crust, green veggies, chips, popcorn, pb&j sandwiches, and animal crackers. She would always bark if we ripped a piece of aluminum foil or put a clean trash bag in the can. Other than that, she was a fairly quiet baby and very loving, on her own terms. Stingy with kisses, but showed her love towards us in so many different ways. Lexie developed some serious medical issues and we did everything possible for her, but the time came when we ran out of options.
The only decision we could make in her best interest was to let her go. It was one of the most difficult things we ever did, but we didn't want to reach the point of her being in pain or suffering. We miss our precious Lexie terribly, but will cherish all the wonderful memories. We know the pain of losing her will eventually lessen, but our love for our special fur baby will always be with us. We love and miss you terribly, but know that you are now in a better place. Until we meet again.

All our love always,

Mommy and Daddy