My best friend, and sweetest, gentle, loving cat I have ever known

Feb 1996 to July 7 2012

pet photo

I know deep down in my heart, I had to let you go
I kept hoping you would get better, each tripto the vets we made, my heart
was breaking more.I knew this morning I would be the only one walking back through
our homes door .I held you close, you buried your nose in to my
arm, as if to say, Mom don't let me go alone, though my heart
was breaking, my tears fell uncontrollably I held you tight
as the Angels came Now you've gone away, my heart hurts with such
an ache, I cannot explain.
You had your cup of water in the bathroom, and a dish of food.
Our mornings were a routine; you loved the smell and taste
of mint, while I brushed my teeth I would put a bit on my finger and
you would lick it off. I would run a bath and sometimes I'd walk away
but you would sit vigilantly as if to say, get yourself back in here Mom
before we float away.
So many things I miss that you and I shared, I miss you terribly my precious friend
, but I know you will be there for me, when I cross over, I will look for you.
I will miss you sitting on my chair, as I sang online at night.
It did not matter if you were comfortable you snuggled up to me
real tight.
You were there for me so many times, when I was sick or sad you knew.
When you were not feeling well I would hold you close, as you looked
into my eyes , we had a bond that's true.
I hope you know wherever you are, I will always love you.
P.S. Princess and Dad miss you too.
JLD July 2012