To my Eli

4/3/2009 to 4-13-2012

pet photo

You died young my special boy. I could not let you suffer anymore. You brought much joy and laughter to my life w/ your silly little antics. I gave you lots of love and a good home for the time we shared. Your sister gracie and I will miss you terribly. You and gracie were very close. You'll always be in my heart and I'll love you forever. We loved each other so much. But I had to endure the pain of making this choice, but I know your in a better place. Your w/nancy and God now. Nancy went w/me to pick you and gracie up. She was holding you and I was holding gracie in our pic together. And it seems strange that both you and nancy are gone from me now. Your in a good place my boy. I love you so much and we'll meet under the rainbow bridge someday. Not soon I hope,but you wait for me. Gracie and I love and miss you. Keep being silly. Your mom.