Bailey Mack Brown was on this Earth from 1996-2011 and was loved by all

1996 to August 21 2011

pet photo

Bailey was found beaten eating out of garbage cans a year or so old when I rescued her from certain death. Bailey was a terrified pup who thought she'd get a beating for anything she did, but I just released from the Army for progressive MS had all the time in the world to rehabilitate her and make her feel safe. We moved home to Virginia and a few years later we met her daddy who fell in love as everyone did with the sweet, always affectionate Bailey. Because of her wonderful nature I worker with German Shepherd groups with Bailey by my side. Bailey had two brothers and a baby sister, all GSD rescues, life was full of play, treats, and all the love I could ever give her! Bailey's back legs finally gave out due to the abuse and neglect she suffered prior to finding her. She was put to sleep at home on her favorite bed while I held her crying and telling her that she saved me and was going bak to God, then laid to rest in the back yard next to the dog fence. Rest in Peace my angel, I will see you again at the rainbow bridge but, until then my heart will ache every day. I love you so much, you were not a dog but an angel!