Jumping Jack Ozio, (aka: Jackman and Baby Jack)

-- to July 13, 2011

pet photo

Jack its almost been a month since you passed and not one day has went by that you are not in our thoughts. When I come home at night, I always look to my right , where you would always be standing at the gate, wagging your tail and waiting for me to get home, but you are not there. The backyard is empty now. I took Elliemae, (Your faithful mate or as your daddy use to say, "Jackman and his old lady Elliemae."), and put her under the carport because I couldnt leave her in the back yard alone without you being there. She misses you so much, it is heart breaking, you two were so close. Your daddy and I love and misses you so much Baby Jack, When you died, you took a large piece of my heart with you and it will never be replaced. You were such a wonderful, gentle and sweet little man, that was taken from us to soon, but I know you earned your "doggie wings" . I love and miss you Jack but I know your spirit lives on.