Sasha, My Loving Son

September 27th, 2010 to June 28th, 2011

pet photo

I rescued Sasha from the shelter when he was only a mere 3 months old. It was the 27th of December, right before the new year. The 6 months and 1 day we spent together were the happiest moments of my life. He was the most energetic, funny, and caring kitten ever. I can't take a step without remembering him, the way he would follow me around everywhere, the way he would play with my turtles, the way he would sit and watch the world through the window, and the way he'd cuddle in my arms at night. Two nights ago he accidentally ran out of the house without my knowing, and when I came home I went crazy because he was missing. The following morning I set out to put missing signs up, but unexpectedly made a call to my grandma only to find out that she had all the symptoms of a stroke bound to happen. I had to drop everything and rush her to the hospital. After visiting hours were over, I immediately began to put up signs everywhere. After I ran out, I went back home to print more. While I was waiting for them to print, I decided to check my backyard just one more time. As soon as I got out and started yelling "Sasha, Sasha," I heard one long, deep meow come from the side of the house. It was my baby, my Sasha. He was lying on a bed of leaves, but had no wounds at all, only a little blood coming out of his ear. The humane society said he must have got hit by a car, because he had internal damage to his head. I just can't believe he waited for me. He waited for me to come so he could be at peace and finally go to heaven...and for that, I am eternally grateful. He gave me a sense of closure, and let me know that he was going to be alright. However, the most important aspect of this event was the fact that I got a glimpse of the acts of God. I don't think that it was a coincidence that everything happened the way it did. God had me call my grandma accidentally so I could save her life. My grandmother and Sasha had the same exact physical condition, but He took Sasha's life and saved hers. I can't be thankful enough that she is alright, but I still remember my baby with every step I take. Dearest Sasha, my boy, kyankus, you will ALWAYS be in my heart, and will forever live on in my memory. I know that one day we'll be ruinted again in Heaven, and that will be the happiest day of my life. I love you, pupushus.