God's Gift to Nature

5/08 to 4/15/11

pet photo

Willie the possum was found on the side of the road in my neighborhood, left for dead, dehydrated and starved. His Mother had been ran over by a car and killed. I knew I must do something as he and his 3 little sisters had only hours left to live. I quickly took them in and nursed them back to health. He was the best pet I've ever had-he never ever offered to bite anyone and quickly made freinds with all of my dogs. He would love on you like a cat. He thought he was just as human as I was. Willie lived to the ripe old ago of 3 years old, opposums generally have a life span in the wild of up to one year year. On that final day it was if he waited till I came home from work to greet me, lying in my lap, and peacefully went to sleep for eternity. He taught me we can all get along all we have to do is love.

muscle shoals