My Baby Girl April 5th 2011

July 8th 2010 to April 5th 2011

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Noodles, My baby girl !
I remember the first day i picked you out on my sweet 16 birthday. You came right up to the cage and right than i knew you would be mine. But i didnt want you to be lonley so i got you a sister who i named Poops (: The memories you and I shared and with your sister to. You always made me laugh and did the cutiest things. But it all went down hill when you became ill. April 4th 2011 was the day everything would change for me. I picked you up and you look like youve gotten worse. You were skin and bones, turning purple, couldnt breath and you had ulsers that were bleeding around your neck and when i turned you over to your belly tears rushed down my cheeks. You had a tumor the size of a plum that showed up out of no where. I feel so guilty. I waited to long and now its to late :( I cried the whole evening and night. I excepted the fact you were dying and i didnt want you to suffer no more so at 6:45PM on April 5th 2011 you were now in gods hands. But i love you and always will. I'll cherish every memory and Poops and I will never forget you. We love you so much baby girl. Be safe mommy loves you !