Rafael 'Raffie'

Farewell old friend

12.8.1995 to 18.2.2011

pet photo

I took my dear old dog Rafael for his last journey today and already the house feels a whole lot more empty without him. Raffie 'the sportsman' as my neighbour Tom coined him was a V8 whippet in his prime - raw speed and running power - more of a muscle car than a Ferrari. I still have fond memories of watching him chase down a frisbee and wiping out completely just to come back panting for more. Back in the 90s I used to live in another town for a while and come back weekends and never realised that he missed me so badly until my wife pointed out how dejected for the first few days after I had gone.

In these latter years he suffered the typical ignominies of old age, gum infections, heart troubles and busted joints and bore them with quiet dignity never complaining. Today is a tough one but I know you are in a better place. I'm going to miss you old dog. Rest easy.

Much love