Y2K Brooks

Y2K "A very special kind of dog"

January 28, 2000 to January 1, 2011

pet photo

2K was a very special girl. From the very beginning she seems like she was starving to death she was so skinny and always had to "fight" to scarf up food as if she wasn't going to get to eat. She had the best of personalities as well. You had to know how to read her. She wasn't your typical "friendly" type of dog; however she was. She had her own unique way of friendly. It was HER version of friendly. She also had what we called a little "attitude" but it was a funny little "attitude" because she was so very smart. She worked her momma and daddy to death. They could understand her language though. Especially dad. You see, 2K was dad's baby girl. She followed him to every room in the house and he was constantly doing something for her. They were 2 peas in a pod. She even took a road trip out west with them for 6 weeks and had her own stroller. She was some kind of spoiled girl and boy did she have a wonderful life! Unfortunately, all of a sudden she was struck with an illness that would defeat her and take over her and they had to let her go. As bad as they didn't was to sometimes it has to be done in the best interest of the animal because they are in pain. Y2K could have never been loved any more by any other people in the world or have had a better life any where else in her almost 11 years that she was here. They loved her more than anything. Now that she is gone, they grieve tremendously as we all do, but especially them because she was all they had at home. You sometimes don't realize how much a pet means to you but this girl was everything to them! 2K.....we all love you and miss you and will never ever forget you and what presence you had when you were here. You were the best girl!! RIP girl!