11241998 to 10122010

pet photo

Our family was blessed by God when we first saw you Schroeder, we knew we were connected forever. You brought Joy,Love, Laughter to our home. You even gave a scare when you ran off with a husky dog at the park, our hearts stopped beating, we though we lost you forever, but with the grace of God we found you again. Winter was your favorite season, and you loved to play in the snow with Samantha, our female dog. Your love for walking introduced us to different people, and dogs. Our neighbors all loved you. Unfortunately , on September 30 2010 you were diagnosed with cancer and our hearts cried. The last twelve days of your life you spent what you loved to do, being with your family, walking, and even taking you to work with me. We will always remember you forever. Fly with the angels. Love Olga, Samantha, Mom,Neighbors,Friends