Austin Quincy

One Woman's LifeLine

16-Apr-96 to 26-Jan-99

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1 lab and 1 woman, nobody loved us until we came together. For you I would wake, for you I would eat, for you I lived. You loved me so much you took on one of my diseases Epilepsy and died from it. Forgive me Austin. I said I could never live without you and if I can, I have yet to discover how. I love you more then anything in the world. As I always told you and said as you died, "Mommy loves you babydoll". The house is empty as is my heart, the porch light on forever. You were my legs when I couldn't walk, my constant companion and my very heart. You made disabled life worth living. I hope you know how much I needed you, always will and how very, very much I unconditionally love you in return.

Downers Grove