A devoted friend now at peace

-- to 10/09/ 2009

pet photo

Tess was our other dog who along with Butch who is also featured in (pet memories.com) gave us unconditional love and protection, after Butch died in 2005 Tess fretted for Butch but she knew that she still had a job to do. We brought another dog call Nika (a rotweiller pup) who Tess taught to guard and watch us. Tess had aged and on the day that we put her to sleep my partner Darren had taken her to see her vet, she looked so tired and when I walked in the door she lifted her head up and looked at me then lay down as if to say..."I am too tired now, so please let me go" With tears in our eyes we held her as she drifted off into her eternal slumber..Farewell our Darling..Sleep well you Deserve it, till we meet again". "Moe mai Moe mai Moe mai ra"

Palmerston North