Big things do come in small packages!

August 2008 to December 21, 2008

pet photo

Wimpy boy, although you were my Dad's dog I feel you deserve a page because of how great you were in the little time you were with us. You were only nine weeks old when hypoglycemia and a liver shunt overcame you. I remember holding your banana size body in my hands crying and praying you would gain the strength to pull through this. With all the medications, shots, and emergency after-hour trips to the vet you just couldnt do it. You died Sunday morning on Dec. 21 at 9:06am. But the little time we were lucky to share with you were great. I know you are free of pain and suffering and get to sit with my big girls on puffy clouds I still miss you and cant help but cry thinking about you. It was right before christmas and you were so young you didnt even get to have a first christmas. It broke my heart knowing I could never share lifes simple pleasures with you, including your first Christmas and one year birthday. Just know even though you were here for a short time, you left a lasting hole and memory in my heart. Love you lots little baby boy.