To our wonderful Macka who had personality plus, and a great companion.

December 1997 to --

pet photo

He was a cat who oosed personality, more human than cat like, a great companion who would cuddle you in bed, would sit at the table sometimes when he wanted food.rnIf he wanted something he would try to tell you and would follow you till he got what he wanted. A real lap cat who prefered your lap to a chair, very loyal and great fun.rnHe had a strange quirk where he enjoyed having his tail pulled, quite funny.rnEven when he got sick and had to have medication he never flinched, just took it. His sickness however got worse and then we found out he had cancer, so we had to say good bye to our much loved Macka. All the time he was sick which was quite a while he still tryed to be the loving cat he had been for years. Now at peace.rnWe miss you Macka. xx