Mr. Dave

In Memory of Mr. Dave

1991 to 1994

pet photo

Dear God, Thank you for blessing my family with a Basset Hound whom we named Dave. Throughout his four years he was such a gentle dog. I will miss his low resounding bark, his "sad-sack" face, his round soulful eyes, his familiar smell, the assuring waggle of his tail that he thumps on his newspaper laden dog house, his awkward limp and the thud of his front feet whenever he runs to greet me when i get home, his voracious appetite, and most of all, I will miss his loyal friendship. Although in all my years i have never lived without a dog, I have never had one whose parting has left me and my family with a heavy heart and tearful eyes. I heard that the souls of dogs die together with their bodies. I hope Dave is a special case. I only wish Dave is in heaven because I can't imagine heaven without him. Thank you God for Mr. Dave.

Quezon City