For Spot

1988 to 16.04.2000

pet photo

and when your head lay heavy in my hand and I knew you had left... trees cried their leafs like hot tears on wet pillows and autumn passed me in a day and when you left spiders stopped preying and watched the sun fade your last day passed me in a second when you left my soul lost her spirit and fantails lost their songs for laughter past me in a beat and when you left my walks became empty like the sea without the salty water and waves passed me in a step when you left my eyes stopped seeing like closed windows in old castles and beauty passed me in darkness after you left my world became deserted yet tears found their roots and trees passed me with a smile and now that you are gone I search in panic for my soul lost her mate and my heart lost love now that you are gone all the memories in the world ain't enough to feel the great spirit you brought to me yet every day and every night you pass me in a moment and dry my tears with yours for when you hug me with your eyes your soul leads my way