Ollie Donald - Charnley

The smallest dog with the biggest heart

May-99 to 23-Sep-06

pet photo

Our best mate. Ollie was tragically hit by a car and died some minutes later in our arms. He was the most enthusiastic dog with a very loving nature. Ollie loved to do the following: Bark at cats and cars. Sit in all the sunny spots around our property. Runs around crazily when hyped up. Sleep as close as possible to the fireplace. Vacumn up any scraps of food on the floor. We will miss you coming into our room and jumping on our bed in the morning. We will miss the wrestles in the lounge and running games outside. Most of all we will miss your cute erect ears, wagging tail, skipping rear foot and your bright cheeky grin. You are sadly missed and forever in our hearts. We hope there are plenty of cats in heaven to chase and a nice warm sunny spot for you to sit. Love Dave, Kel,Lily and Jett

Lower Hutt