If love could heal you, you would have lived forever.

Ocotber 1996 to 24-Apr-06

pet photo

Baby wasn't your typical Rottie she was a greyhound mix- ran with such grace and ease, her stride was beautiful. She was loving and loyal, and a great guard dog. No other animal could come in our yard. She'd have these moments where she would just go nuts bounce off furniture and run circles till I was dizzy. Say watchem' girl and she was at the door ready to attack! She loved to play tag with her companion Buddy, she'd grab his back leg they loved one another. After Bud died in 2005 She never was the same, she lost 40lbs, had a stroke and was diagnosed with diabetes and was blind in one eye, her kidneys began to fail in early April and it was then that I decided to let her go, let her be with her Buddy. I know how lucky I am to have had her in my life and will cherish her memories fondly. I will see you again peanut. Love, Mama