Beloved Family Pet and Big Baby

july 4th 1990 to Oct. 2003

pet photo

Sheba Was a beautiful dog and a very loyal companion. She would follow me around the house and yard and if i stopped suddenly she would run straight into me. She ran the house and we were her subjects and we honored her commands. When i got married to my husband keith, sheba took it upon herself to put him in his place and every night when we went to bed she would jump up in our bed and lay on keith's side till she decided when he could go to bed. She was the great protector of the house. she barked when u left and licked u when u came into the house. We miss you Sheba sooo much, and when the time comes we will find u in doggy heaven. Love You " Nosy Nellie", and i still save u a place in bed every night.