Tucker of the Long Trail

August 9 1997 to Jan 17 2006

pet photo

Tucker is officially the first canine of the new millenium to walk the complete length of the Long Trail through Vermont (from Massachusetts to the Canadian border) he did that with Lindy Beedle in April of 2000. That among other things like never leaving the family's side whenever there was sickness or difficulty made this wonderful Golden Retriever a champion in our hearts. Who'd have thought he'd be gone so soon. The bounding joy he found at the ocean, in mountains, at streams, in the fields and all along the paths we walked was a marvel to behold. For those eight short years, always, there was Tucker's unconditional devotion. With the sadness of his loss, we enter the community of humans who've been blessed by the companionship of one of God's special creatures. With heavy hearts and reluctantly , we give him back. Tucker, when we see you 'cross the fields again...... come runnin' pup. We've missed you.