My Butch

1992 to 10/12/05

pet photo

Butch entered our lives 8yrs ago, we got him from the RSPCA he had been stolen by a gang and his Left ear torn off he was badly neglected and was emotionally deprived and quite aggressive. He soon adapted to the love of our home and he became a wonderful friend and companion and very loyal. His animal friends in our house were Tess (the german shepherd)Symba, Bell& Toko (the cats) and I know that he knew that he was loved he had the run of our whole house and slept where-ever he wanted to, so he chose our 2 seater lounge chair in our lounge and would not shift for anyone... it was his. He died in the lounge surrounded by us all in his sleep of cardiac arrest. I miss you my Butch you walk on ahead and one day when you turn around I'll be there buddy. All My Love Darren.

Palmerston North