Harold Lloyd's missing his sidekick

Jan-94 to July 13 2005

pet photo

This is the second time in so many years that I have written to this site and it never gets any easier! It makes you wonder why we take pets on when the grief you feel at their passing is so profound - and yet, their life is their celebration, not their death, which is but a moment in time. Victor came to us as a gangly whippet in miniature eleven and a half years ago - my wife brought him to the house without telling me a word - our first dog together. I was angry at the surprise addition to the family but couldn't stay so for long - he looked so miserable and dejected with one ear up and one down. The minute he was put down on the floor he promptly went to hide behind our sofa and had to be coaxed out. His elegant white and grey markings and his sad, dark scared eyes immediately made me think of Harold Lloyd. He was a smart dog with a lot of attitude - not the type to chase a stick if you threw one but when he ran, his effortless grace showed his true pedigree. We had a bumpy start with him at the beginning much due to our own ignorance but he stuck with us and became a part of our family. One time early on, I came home hungry and was temporarily distracted from my chicken dinner - when I returned, it was gone - whippets are fast. I was mad at the time but we all laugh about it now. Another time much later in autumn last year, he still had enough pep in him to chase a rabbit through a field before disappearing into the forest. When he emerged from the forest back to the field all his feet had thick clay pads on them - it was a comical sight as he clumped his way back to the road. For the last six months, his physical health declined until he could no longer walk properly, tottering along dragging his front paw on the ground. Lately, I've had to carry him to do his business and every day that went by he weighed heavier on my heart. Today he weighs the heaviest - I take him to the vet for his last journey and a part of me will die with him. We've had good years and bad together but he'll always have a place in my heart and our family. I hope their are chicken dinners every day where he is now. If there aren't he can have mine when I see him again on the other side. Love you old dog - Mark, Heta, Jade and Cara, Raffie and Helmi